Adlib Host, Use your old PC as an external MIDI module

Have you ever wanted to use a Yamaha OPL2 or OPL3 with your modern MIDI sequencer or keyboard? Well now you can!


Adlib Host is a program that runs on any DOS PC with a Midi input and an OPL2 or 3 compatible card. Simply run Adlib host on your oldschool PC and connect any MIDI source to its MIDI input such as a sequencer or keyboard and use it in real-time like a synthesizer. The MIDI implementation approximates the General Midi spec and both MPU401 UART as well as SoundBlaster DSP MIDI interfaces are supported. The software also comes with some special features for the TexElec ReSound OPL3 card, use midi CC 17 to pan between the front and back outputs, allowing for surround sound.

Here you can download version 1.2



There are currently some features of general MIDI that are not implemented as of yet, that may be implemented in future versions such as after-touch

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